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Before you go, let me introduce you to the Levitators Chronicles! The Levitators Chronicles is a series of urban fantasy novels that I'm releasing in June 2021, starting with Storm of War. This book has lots of mystery, intrigue, action, and magic! It's a book you'd love. That's why I want to let you know of a special offer I'm running. For a limited time, pre-order Storm of War at 99 cents and get book 2 free! That's over 85% off!

Peter Crawford has no interest in being a hero. Even as a war brews between two groups, he wants nothing more than to be left alone. So when Rose Hernandez, a member of the mythical Scarlet Sisters, approaches him asking for his help, he refuses.

However, prophecies are set in stone, and even Peter's obstinance can't go against fate. As the war begins to worsen, he must make a decision and come to terms with his destiny. Together with Rose he must locate the One who might end the bloodshed and save their world.

Kachi Ugo's Storm of War is a pulse-pounding ride into a fascinating, fantasy world! With a cast of charismatic characters and a fast-paced, genre-bending  storyline that delivers on every promise, Storm of War promises to enchant, entertain, and enthrall!

Normal Price: $2.99

(Book 2 Price: $3.99)

Pre-Order Price: $0.99

That's more than 85% off!