"Kachi Ugo is a writer to watch--he has a head full of stories and he pours them out on the page as fast as the reader can follow. The Uprising is only the latest of his works, and it is a fresh, powerful fantasy featuring the kick-ass Sarah Justice."

When an extremely powerful Dualist from the future—a man able to wield the magic of two Elements—abducts Sarah Justice's newborn, she is turned into a cold blooded killer.


In a bid to rescue her child, she incites a rebellion, forming an organization of young, skilled Elementals, who are immediately branded terrorists. And the powers that be—the Global Elemental Authority and its ruthless leader, Commander Thorn, who is infamous for being remarkably vile to offenders—are not in the slightest forgiving.

But there are bigger occult entities at play. Sarah may soon realize that her resolve is not enough. Regardless, she has vowed to recover her child, heedless of where it takes her: to death or to victory.

The Uprising is an edge-of-your-seat urban fantasy with a thriller's edge. The action starts on page one—don't miss it!

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